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Develop your Gen Z and early career employees

with Business Foundations Training from Electives

Empower your individual contributors — the heartbeat of your organization — with the foundational skills that drive innovation, collaboration and success.

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Covering Foundational Topics:

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Accountability + productivity: Essential for individual and team success.

Communication skills: The backbone of effective teamwork.

Thriving as an IC + managing up: Empowering self-navigation within your company.

✔  Owning your own career: Charting a path for engagement through professional growth.

All classes are live and interactive.

Most classes are 60-90 minutes long.

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Electives is trusted by growing, people-first companies:

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Extraordinary instructors. Unforgettable learning.

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Our classes are led by professors, C-suite executives, astronauts, Olympic athletes and coaches, comedians, poets, songwriters, historians, best-selling authors and more.

And with every class meticulously vetted, you know every learning experience will be engaging, timely and practical.

Tailor your Business Foundations Training program with customizable add-ons.

We offer flexibility within the Business Foundations Training program to ensure your training aligns perfectly with your organization's objectives.

Adding specialized topics to your curriculum is optional and straightforward. You can pick from our most-requested add-on topics or browse our live learning library for inspiration. Need help choosing? We’ll always be just a call, slack or email away!

Most-Requested Add-On Topics for Business Foundations Training

Emotional intelligence: Foster a deeper understanding of self and others, enhancing team dynamics and empathy.

Receiving feedback: Crucial for personal growth and adaptability, enabling a culture of continuous improvement.

Intro to strategy: Empower ICs with a broader perspective, aligning their efforts with organizational goals.

Resilience: Build the ability to bounce back from setbacks, maintaining productivity and focus.

Public speaking fundamentals: Boost confidence in expressing ideas, essential for impactful communication and leadership.

Personal branding: Encourage ICs to communicate their unique stories and contributions.

Relationship building: Key to forging strong professional networks and facilitating collaboration and support.

Creativity: Unlock innovative thinking, driving problem-solving and value creation.

Meeting facilitation + presentations: Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, ensuring clear and engaging communication.

Problem solving: Equip ICs with strategies to tackle challenges head-on, boosting efficiency and outcomes.

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Modern L&D is within your reach.

Electives is the live learning solution for lean People teams who are frustrated with traditional corporate training.

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