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Achieve new levels of productivity

with High-Performance Culture Training from Electives

Welcome to the new era of team development — where shared ideas and language lift engagement, connections and productivity to new heights.

A high-performance team working together at a table in an open-model workplace.

Covering In-Demand Topics:

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Productivity through accountability: Create growth with buy-in and transparency

Growth hacking: Accelerate success and turn setbacks into comebacks.

Continuous improvement: Evolve constantly to outpace the competition.

✔  Creative innovation: Spark brilliance to drive revolutionary ideas.

✔  Adaptability: Stay agile and embrace change for peak performance

✔  Collaboration: Unite efforts for seamless alignment.

✔  Data-driven decision making: Make smarter choices with informed analysis.

✔  Emotional intelligence: Forge stronger connections through understanding and empathy.

✔  Business acumen: Navigate the current market landscape with savvy strategies.

✔  Meeting excellence: Elevate gatherings to fuel impactful results.

✔  Building + retaining diverse teams: Craft a culture that encourages everyone to participate.

✔  Resilience: Build endurance to thrive through challenges.

All classes are live and interactive.

Most classes are 60-90 minutes long.

Electives is trusted by growing, people-first companies:

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Extraordinary instructors. Unforgettable learning.

A collage of Electives instructors

Our classes are led by professors, C-suite executives, astronauts, Olympic athletes and coaches, comedians, poets, songwriters, historians, best-selling authors and more.

And with every class meticulously vetted, you know every learning experience will be engaging, timely and practical.

Tailor your High-Performance Culture Training program with customizable add-ons.

We offer flexibility within the High-Performance Culture Training program to ensure your training aligns perfectly with your organization's objectives.

Adding specialized topics to your curriculum is optional and straightforward. You can pick from our most-requested add-on topics or browse our live learning library for inspiration. Need help choosing? We’ll always be just a call, slack or email away!

Electives Membership is also a great addition to our High-Performance Culture Training program, as it lets your employees supplement their training with the classes they want to take.

Most-Requested Add-On Topics for High-Performance Culture Training

Navigating Change: Adapt confidently. Learning to manage change and uncertainty navigation empowers teams to remain resilient and agile.

Feedback Dynamics: Elevate growth with constructive exchanges. Cultivating a culture where giving and receiving feedback is normalized drives personal development and team innovation.

Team Cohesion: Strengthen bonds to unlock potential. Engaging in team-building activities enhances cooperation and drives collective success.

Inclusion Holidays: Celebrate diversity to build a culture of respect. Embracing inclusion-focused holidays enriches team understanding and fosters a welcoming environment.

Mental Health Awareness: Cultivating an environment that supports mental health awareness enhances productivity and employee satisfaction.

Work-Life Harmony + Wellbeing: Balance ambition with personal health. Promoting wellbeing and work-life balance ensures a rejuvenated and more focused team.

Strategic Interviewing: Hire for culture and capability. Refining interviewing techniques to align with your high-performance culture attracts the right talent for growth.

Remote/Hybrid Culture Best Practices: Developing a robust remote/hybrid culture ensures high engagement and productivity, regardless of location.

Productivity Through Recognition: Boost morale to foster loyalty and productivity. Implementing recognition and support systems motivates employees and reinforces their value to the team.

Market Dynamics: Expand perspectives for internal growth. Encouraging awareness of market dynamics and looking outside your world inspires innovation and strategic thinking.

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