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Make manager training effortless with Electives

It's as easy as saying 'yes'

Our Modern Manager Training program is designed to be seamlessly integrated, requiring no extra work from you.

Launch within a week and see immediate reults.

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Key Benefits for People Leaders:

Rapid deployment: Get started in no time. Our streamlined process means you can launch the program this week.

Zero hassle: We manage everything from start to finish. Your involvement? Just approve, and we do the rest.

Direct results: Witness immediate improvements in team dynamics and manager effectiveness.

Covering Timely + Evergreen Topics:

Accountability for today's world: Navigate responsibilities with precision.

AI + innovation: Embrace new ways of getting the job done better.

✔  Building trust: Lay the foundation of strong relationships within your team.

✔  Collaboration + communication: Enhance team synergy and clarity.

✔  Conflict management: Overcome disputes with confidence and fairness.

✔  Economics + finance: Decode the numbers that drive business decisions.

✔  Emotional intelligence + empathy: Foster a supportive culture.

✔  Talent engagement: Enable growth, collaboration and productivity.

✔  Feedback dynamics: Create a growth-minded culture.

✔  Sales + persuasion: Amplify your team's influence.

All classes are live and interactive.

Most classes are 60-90 minutes long.

Request Pricing + Program Details:

Modern Manager Certification from Electives

Electives is trusted by growing, people-first companies:

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Expert-led sessions. Effortless implementation.

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Our classes are led by professors, C-suite executives, astronauts, Olympic athletes and coaches, comedians, poets, songwriters, historians, best-selling authors and more.

We handle all the logistics, ensuring each session is impactful and relevant.

Customize with ease:

Easily adapt the Modern Manager Training program to meet your specific requirements.

Need to adjust or add topics? It's straightforward with our support just a Slack, email or call away.

Most-Requested Add-On Topics for Modern Manager Training

Coaching + Mentorship: Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and support through effective coaching and mentorship practices.

Communication Skills: Enhance interpersonal communication to foster team understanding and cooperation.

Data Analytics / Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage data to inform strategies, making decisions that are intuitive and backed by insights.

Goal Setting: Set and achieve ambitious targets by learning how to define clear, attainable goals.

How to Talk About Mental Health: Approach mental health conversations with sensitivity and supportiveness, creating a safe environment for all employees.

Managing Remote/Hybrid Teams: Navigate the challenges and opportunities of remote or hybrid work environments to keep your team connected and productive.

Project Management: Streamline project execution with proven methodologies that ensure timely delivery and success.

Resilience: Build the capacity to withstand and recover from setbacks, fostering a resilient and adaptable workforce.

Talent Management / Interviewing High Performers: Attract and retain top talent by refining your interviewing techniques and talent management strategies.

Time Management: Master the art of juggling priorities to enhance efficiency and reduce stress.

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Modern L&D is within your reach.

Electives is the live learning solution for lean People teams who are frustrated with traditional corporate training.

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